Announcement of Call Results SEED/1221 – Stage II Evaluation

The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) announces the results the Evaluation Procedure of applications submitted under the Call for Proposals SPONSORSHIPS/0522 for Category Α Events (Organisation of Large Scale Events). The evaluation process was completed within three (3) weeks of the call deadline.

Specifically, the Call was announced on the 16th of May 2022 and the deadline for submission was on the 14th of July 2022.


Based on the results of the Evaluation Procedure, RIF has decided to provide sponsorship to the following two events:

  • Reflect Festival 2022
  • 8th International Funds Summit & Expo


It is noted that according to the corresponding Call for Proposals, Applications will be evaluated by an Evaluation Committee consisting of members of the Board of Directors (BoD) of the RIF, chaired by the Chairman of the BoD, based on the General and Specific Evaluation Criteria described in the Call. Furthermore, RIF has the right to allocate the Call budget, regardless of the amount of requested sponsorship for each application. In addition, the RIF has the right not to use all the available budget for this Call.


All entities that have applied to the Programme, will receive information regarding the evaluation outcome of their application.