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RTDI Strategy
Cyprus Research and Innovation Strategy Framework 2019-2023 – Innovate Cyprus

Innovate Cyprus is the national strategy framework for research and innovation for the period 2019-2023. The vision of the strategy is to make Cyprus “a dynamic and competitive economy driven by research, scientific excellence, innovation, technological development and entrepreneurship and to become a regional hub in these fundamental areas”.

The Strategic Framework, revolves around nine strategic pillars and enablers: Governance, National Strategy for Research and Innovation, Research Excellence, Knowledge Transfer and Commercial Exploitation, Innovative Entrepreneurship, Cultural Change, International Dimension, Communication and Digital Transformation. The above-mentioned strategic pillars will be implemented through a series of policy measures and individual actions recorded in the Implementation Roadmap designed to cover the period 2019-2021, expecting to contribute substantially to the achievement of the vision.

Innovate Cyprus was prepared by the National Board for Research and Innovation, after an extensive consultation with private and public sector stakeholders (research and academic institutes, universities, Ministries, other organisations, etc.) and was presented to the President of the Republic of Cyprus in May 2019.

Smart Specialisation Strategy

The Smart Specialisation Strategy is a comprehensive economic transformation agenda, tailored to the specifics needs of each region or country, aiming to contribute towards economic development.

The preparation and approval of the Smart Specialisation Strategy by the EU Member States was a key precondition set by the European Commission for the utilisation of European Structural and Investment Funds (ERDF) for Research & Innovation (R&I) during the Programming Period 2014-2020.

The Smart Specialisation Strategy for Cyprus was prepared under the coordination of RIF, with the support of a research team by the Cyprus Technology University and was approved by the Council of Ministers in March 2015.

Its main goal is to ensure the rational and efficient use of ERDF funds by identifying niche areas of competitive strength for development and growth.

The priority areas highlighted through the Smart Specialisation Strategy for Cyprus are: Energy, Tourism, Structured Environment/Construction, Transport/Shipping, Agriculture/Food and Information and Communication Technologies and Environment as horizontal sectors. Specific focus areas were also identified within each priority areas. The priority areas and focus areas selected can make a significant contribution to the development of the economy via investment in research and innovation.

The main implementation tool of the Smart Specialization Strategy is the Strategy Action Plan, which includes among other measures and actions the RIF RESTART 2016-2020 Programmes.

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