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Our People

Our people are the driving force of our overall success and the very core of our line of work. In a period of significant changes, developments and challenges for the Cyprus economy and society, we are called upon to respond by creating a positive environment for our People.

Our people-centered human capital management and development strategy is based on the principles of respect and recognition and aims to help our professionals develop and make full use of their potential, thus offering value to our collaborators.

By supporting our people’s development through continuous training opportunities, we invest in the future through the creation of an environment that provides the knowledge and experience they need to achieve their full potential.

We are committed to continue developing our human capital responsibly and transparently, so as to nurture the appropriate work environment that will allow our professionals to grow and consequently add value to the services offered to our Collaborators.

Organisational Structure
Areas of Work

The Office of the Director General is responsible for an array of activities, including the design of programmes and services, the Foundation’s business development as well as legal and regulatory matters. It monitors the implementation of RIF’s strategic goals and initiatives, the upgrading of its services and its digital transformation. It is responsible for the collection and analysis of data from internal and external sources. With the aim of strengthening cross-cooperation and the development of its professionals, it defines specific cross-activities, which are carried out by members of the Office of the Director General in collaboration with members from all other Departments. These cross-activities focus around the areas of Research, Innovation, Knowledge Transfer and Business Development. The Office of the Director General also supports the Chief Scientist for Research and Innovation.

Human Resources and Administration Services is responsible for managing all matters related to human capital management, including the professional development and training of RIF’s professionals. It is also responsible for managing RIF’s administrative services, including internal communications and knowledge sharing between departments.

Operations is responsible for managing all of RIF’s Nationally-Funded programs. It manages the “end-to-end” process of submission and evaluation of proposals for RIF’s Nationally-Funded projects, it is responsible for the preparation of contracts and monitoring the implementation of approved projects. It also provides value-added services to RIF’s Collaborators.

European Programmes has been entrusted with the role of Cyprus’ National Contact Point for the «European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation». It is responsible for providing support to RIF’s Collaborators in European-Funded opportunities that match their project ideas. It offers information and advice to RIF’s Collaborators on open and upcoming calls for proposals and project ideas, it organizes information-days and publicises events relevant to the Programme. It assists RIF’s Collaborators in preparing proposals through the organization of workshops, holding mock interviews, providing advice on project management and reviewing proposals before submission. It also supports RIF’s Collaborators in identifying potential Partners for building consortia and participating in international brokerage events.

The Department is responsible for all financial matters, including the preparation and monitoring of RIF’s budget, accounting, procurement and auditing of approved projects. It works in collaboration with the Director General’s Office and all other Departments to carry out its work. It is also responsible for managing RIF’s Information Technology matters.

Our People
Loukaidis Theodoros Director General
Ioulianos Antonis Scientific Officer A’
Kountouridou Litsa Scientific Officer A’
Nicolaidou Katia Scientific Officer A’
Portokallides Marinos Scientific Officer A’
Christoforou Anna Maria Scientific Officer A’
Andreou Maria Scientific Officer
Christoforou Loukia Scientific Officer
Dimopoulos Stamatis Scientific Officer
Anastassiadou Charis Head of Human Resources and Administration Services
Bitoulas Charisis Communication Officer
Poyiatzi Andri Administrative Assistant A’
Yiangou Elena Administrative Assistant
Erotokritou Despo Administrative Assistant
Theodoulou Nasia Administrative Assistant
Kapiri Artemis Administrative Assistant
Papageorgiou Maria Administrative Assistant
Tsiggis George Messenger
Paraskeva Marilena Head of Operations
Kleanthous Georgia Scientific Officer A’
Skoufari-Themistou Leda Scientific Officer A’
Spanos Mattheos Scientific Officer A’
Agathokleous Elena Scientific Officer
Alexandraki Savvia Scientific Officer
Constantinou Andria Scientific Officer
Kambanellas Stavros Scientific Officer
Kaffa Nedi Scientific Officer
Konstanta Kyriakos Scientific Officer
Lazarou Irene Scientific Officer
Loizou Anninos Scientific Officer
Kkoushi Markisia Scientific Officer
Mouskou Evangelia Scientific Officer
Matsentidis Stelios Scientific Officer
Photiades Marinos Scientific Officer
Polydorou Xenios Scientific Officer
Socratous Maria Scientific Officer
Hadjistyllis Andreas Scientific Officer
Chrysafi Rebecca Scientific Officer
Charalambous Christos Head of Financial Services and Information Technology
Christoforidou Alexia Accounting Officer
Mavromichalis Marinos Accounting Officer
Mylordos Polykarpos Accounting Officer
Leontiou Panayiotis Scientific Officer
Leonidou Froso Assistant Accounting Officer Α’
Makriyianni Georgia  Assistant Accounting Officer
Malachouridou Chryso Assistant Accounting Officer
Mavrou Kolokotroni Skevi Assistant Accounting Officer
Perikleous Sotiris Assistant Accounting Officer
Timini Dina Assistant Accounting Officer
Christodoulou Themis Assistant Accounting Officer
Georgiou Theodoros External IT Support
Sepou Kalypso Head of European Programmes
Theocharous Christakis Scientific Officer A’
Trillidou Marcia Scientific Officer A’
Economou Mary Scientific Officer
Anastassiadou Myrto Scientific Officer
Theodorou Ioannis  Scientific Officer
Kaffa Nedi Scientific Officer
Karakasidou Katerina Scientific Officer
Makri Constantina Scientific Officer
Ntantos Angelos Scientific Officer
Christou Giorgos Scientific Officer
Poulli Elena Scientific Officer A’
Gavriel Eleana Scientific Officer
Tsoumpanou Lina Scientific Officer
Papatryfonos Charalambos Scientific Officer
Zanti Nasia Communication Officer
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