Innovation Programmes (COVID): 2nd Stage Results

The Research and Innovation Foundation announces the completion of the 2nd Stage of Evaluation of proposals submitted under the Programmes “DEVELOPMENT OF INTERNATIONALLY COMPETITIVE INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES BY STARTUPs” (SEED) and “DEVELOPMENT AND PROMOTION OF INTERNATIONALLY COMPETITIVE INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES BY EXISTING ENTERPRISES” (INNOVATE) in the frame of the Calls for Proposals “SEED-COVID/0420” and “INNOVATE-COVID/0420”.


The results of the evaluation of proposals are available as follows:





As described in the RESTART 2016-2020 Work Programme, the Proposals for this Programme were evaluated in two stages. In the first stage, each proposal was evaluated remotely by two (2) experts in the area with good understanding of the relevant business environment. Proposals that received a score of at least 12.00 / 15.00 proceeded to the second stage.


The second stage of the evaluation procedure, which took place on the RIF’s premises, was carried out by an Independent Evaluation Committee (IEC), formed by internationally renowned experts from abroad, with proven track record in finding innovative ideas with growth potential at an international level. In particular, during the evaluation procedure, team members presented their proposals through an online platform (online pitching) to the members of the IEC, who then had the opportunity to discuss the proposals with the team members and request clarifications ranging from the idea conception, to the envisioned implementation and strategy for scale-up. The final decision regarding the selection of a proposal for funding was entirely at the discretion of the Committee and thus the decision is final with no option for redress.


The Coordinators and Legal Representatives of the proposals have already been informed about the results of the evaluation of their Proposal through the IRIS Portal.