Press Release: RIF’s Central Knowledge Transfer Office (CKTO) now accepting applications

Theodoros Loukaidis: “We encourage everyone who has made or may believe they have an invention or other intellectual assets to take advantage of our free CKTO Services.”

The Central Knowledge Transfer Office (CKTO), operating within the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF), is now accepting applications for the provision of expert Knowledge Transfer and Commercialization services. The Services are provided free of charge by experts of the META Group who have extensive international experience and an established track record.

Services include IP Ownership Assessment, Patent landscaping, IP Protection Strategy and Commercial Opportunity Assessment, as well as Technology Marketing and Negotiations Support for commercialization agreements.

Access to CKTO services is open to all ecosystem stakeholders through three different paths:

  • A Fast-Track process for beneficiaries of the Pre-Seed, Seed, Innovate programmes of December 2021 and the Co-Develop programmes of March 2022.
  • Direct Entry for beneficiaries of projects funded under specific RIF Calls in which the requirement was set to contact the CKTO.
  • An Open Call process for all other organizations and natural persons to apply for Services

As part of the offering, the RIF will be also operating an IP Voucher Programme to cover specific costs related to the acquisition, validation and protection of patents and/or other intellectual asset protection.

According to RIF’s Director General, Mr Theodoros Loukaidis, “In a constantly changing world, innovation is a proven key to business success. Living up to its mission the RIF is now providing a full range of Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Services. We encourage everyone who has made or may believe they have an invention or other intellectual assets to take advantage of our free CKTO Services. I also encourage everyone interested in enhancing their capacity to innovate, to participate in the trainings offered by the CKTO and the Innovation Factory.

The CKTO operation is funded under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Cyprus – Tomorrow and its services are complementary to the R&I funding programmes provided by the RIF aiming to enhance the impact of the investment made in R&I.

Applications are submitted through the IRIS platform.

For more information, you can visit RIF’s website:

Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF)

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