The Research and Innovation Foundation announces that the second stage of the evaluation procedure for proposals submitted for the SEED-COVID/0420 and INNOVATE-COVID/0420 Calls of the Research and Innovation Foundation’s (RIF) Innovation Programmes is scheduled to take place on the week of 20th – 24th of July.

The second stage of the proposal evaluation procedure is carried out by an Independent Evaluation Committee, formed by experts with business backgrounds. During the second stage of the evaluation procedure, a member of the team presents the project to the Committee via an online platform. The Committee may request clarifications and discuss the content of the proposal with the team in charge of project implementation. The final decision regarding the selection of a proposal for funding, is at the discretion of the Committee.

Upon completion of the procedure, the relevant Evaluation Report will be communicated to the Project Coordinator, stating the rationale behind the Committee’s decision. The Committee’s decision is final and there is no option for redress.

Project Coordinators and Legal Representatives of entities will be informed of the results of the first stage of evaluation by the 6th of July 2020. More information about the exact date of the panel meeting for each proposal along with connection details will be sent to project representatives in due time.