Success of Cyprus in COST Open Call New Opportunities for Participation in COST Actions

Cyprus has been successful in participating in nineteen (19) out of the forty (40) Proposals approved by the European Programme COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology), for the establishment of new COST Actions, via the 2020 COST Open Call.

COST offers networking opportunities to researchers, in order to strengthen Europe’s ability to face scientific, technological and social challenges. To this respect, COST funds COST Actions, which are cooperation networks of researchers from various countries, that implement research in a specific subject.

In the coming weeks, the researchers participating as proposers in the new successful COST Actions, will be nominated on behalf of their country and officially start their participation. From that point onwards, approximately from end of June 2021, other researchers that are interested in participating in the new COST Actions, will be able to submit a relevant application to the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF), that is in charge of promoting COST activities in Cyprus, to also participate in the new Actions. Researchers must be employed in Cyprus, in either the public or private sector and be involved in research activities relevant to the Action’s content.

A catalogue of the new COST Actions is available on COST’s website. More information, on the application procedure for participating in existing Actions, can be found on RIF’s website.

For more information on COST, on the application procedure etc, interested parties can contact Ms Katerina Karakasidou, Scientific Officer of RIF and COST National Coordinator (tel: 22205036, email: [email protected]).