Announcement of RIF’s new Partner Search Tool

The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF), in the frame of its actions aiming to encourage collaboration among Cypriot entities for the implementation of Research and Innovation (R&I) projects, announces a new Partner Search Tool, providing entities with opportunities to find partners in order to submit proposals to RIF’s open calls.


The tool, available through RIF’s website, provides a simple and effective mechanism for creating new synergies and learning about available opportunities for collaboration in the framework of RIF’s Programmes.


Upon completion of registration on the tool, users will be able to:

  • Create up to three new partner searches for proposals they will be submitting as coordinators, to look for partners interested in joining their consortium,
  • Explore partner searches launched by other entities,
  • Contact proposal coordinators who have launched partner searches for their own proposals to explore possibilities for collaboration.


For further information, interested parties can view the video-manual providing an overview of the tool as well as contact RIF’s Partner Support Center at 22205000 or [email protected].