Call for Expressions of Interest for Businesses for R&I Internships

The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) announces the «Research and Innovation Internships» Call and invites beneficiaries to submit an expression of interest. Through the Call, RIF invites innovative enterprises to express their interest to host students for the purposes of providing opportunities for preliminary training in Research and Innovation (R&I) activities.




The main objective of this Call is to nurture an R&I Culture, by significantly improving the knowledge and skills of undergraduate and postgraduate students in R&I. In the framework of the Call, the RIF encourages innovative enterprises to host students for the implementation of summer internships.




Expressions of interest can be submitted by enterprises that have either acquired a certificate of innovative enterprises or are currently implementing a R&I project funded by the EU’s Framework Programme for R&I or the Research and Innovation Foundation. The enterprises must be legally established and active in territories under the control of the Republic of Cyprus, in the EU, or any other state recognised by the Republic of Cyprus. The submission of expressions of interest by natural persons is not permitted.


In the framework of the R&I Internships Call, enterprises may host undergraduate and postgraduate students regardless of the year of study, while it is also possible for students from abroad to take part in internships.




The minimum duration of each internship is twenty (20) working days between 15/06/2022 – 30/09/2022 and activities must take place during the working hours of each enterprise.




The total budget of this Call is €50.000 and the funding amount per student is €1.000.


The funding will be provided to the students as a sponsorship following the completion of the internships and the submission of an Activity Report.







For the submission of an Expression of Interest, enterprises are required to complete an online form  by the 25th of May 2022, providing the following information:


  • General Information and Description of Entity
  • Contact Person and Details
  • Number of interns that may be hosted by the Entity
  • Internship Start and End Date
  • Areas of Activity
  • Internship objectives and Job Description
  • Minimum Required Qualifications




Following the completion of the submission of Expressions of Interest, the RIF will publish a list of participating enterprises on its website for students to choose the enterprises they wish to apply to for an internship. Subsequently, participating enterprises will be required to inform the RIF regarding the students chosen for the purposes of carrying out an internship by the 15th of June 2022 through the relevant online form.


In case of an increased interest, each enterprise will be able to host up to three (3) interns on a first come first served basis, taking into account the date and time of submission of the form informing RIF of the students chosen to participate in internships.




The choice of students to take part in internships will be up to the participating enterprises.


For the purposes of participating in internships, students will therefore need to contact enterprises directly using the contact details of the persons in charge of the participation of each enterprise in the Call. Upon contacting enterprises, students will need to submit their Curriculum Vitae, a copy of their degree and/or Registration Certificate. The enterprises will then proceed to choose the students to undertake internships taking into account their CVs, the extent to which the minimum required qualifications are addressed and/or an interview procedure.




At the end of each internship, the students are required to submit within one (1) month, an Activity Report to the RIF, including the extent to which the objectives of the internship were reached and a description of their overall experience. The Activity Report must be signed both by the student and the person in charge of the internship from the part of the enterprise.




For more information, interested parties should contact the RIF’s Partner Support Center (tel: 22205000, email: [email protected]).