Call for Proposals of the «Innovation Vouchers Programme»

The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) informs interested parties for the announcement of the new Call for Proposals of the «Innovation Vouchers» Programme (INNOVOUCΗERS/0722).


«Innovation Vouchers» Programme, is a simple and effective instrument that will enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to realize the importance and benefits that could emerge from their involvement in research and innovation activities and, through the relevant cooperation, to exploit technical know-how from research and other knowledge intensive organisations that can support them to develop innovative solutions to address problems they face, while strengthening their capacity for research and innovation.


For the establishment of the partnership, the RIF offers to interested SMEs, «Innovation Vouchers» which are redeemed by organisations that will provide them with specific innovation, technical or scientific services and know-how. Each «Innovation Vouchers» has a value of 5.000 Euros and the Call budget is 350.000 Euros.


Funding may cover research and technical consulting services, measurements, tests and analyses, access to research/laboratory infrastructures, and design and development of product and/or service prototype. Organisations that may provide services and know-how include research and academic organisations, laboratories, as well as innovative and research-intensive enterprises.


«Innovation Vouchers» Programme is characterized by a relatively simple proposal submission procedure, short timeframes for evaluation and announcement of results, as well as quick project implementation and direct problem solving.


The deadline for Proposal Submission is the 14th September 2022. For the selection of proposals for funding priority by order of submission to the RIF is taken into account.


More information is available in the Call for Proposals Document. A new announcement for the organisation of an informative webinar for the present Call will follow in the forthcoming days.


For further information, interested parties may contact the RIF Support Service, tel: 22205000, email: [email protected].