CONCEPT-HYDRO/0421 Call Results

The Research and Innovation Foundation announces the completion of the Evaluation of proposals submitted under the Call for Proposals CONCEPT-HYDRO/0421 of the Programme «Proof of Concept for Technology / Knowhow Applications» in the hydrocarbons sector.


The results of the evaluation of proposals can be accessed here.


As described in the RESTART 2016-2020 Work Programme and the Call for Proposals, each proposal was evaluated remotely by two (2) experts in the area and proposals were selected for funding according to their ranking and the available Call Budget and according to the Special Condition of the Call that each Organisation can receive funding as Host Organisation for only one (1) Project.


The Coordinators and Legal Representatives of the proposals have already been informed about the results of the evaluation of their Proposal through the IRIS Portal, receiving also the Evaluation Reports that include the score justification. According to the Evaluation Method “Remote evaluation by Two (2) Independent Evaluators”, the final score of each proposal is set as the average score of the two evaluation reports. If the difference between their scores is greater than 3.00/15.00 in total, then the proposal is evaluated by a third evaluator and the final score is the average of the two closest to each other. If both initial scores are lower than 12.00/15.00  then the proposal is considered ineligible and is not forwarded to a third evaluator even if there is a bigger difference than 3.00/15.00 between the two scores.


The beneficiaries are entitled to submit request for redress, as described in section “Redress Procedure” of Chapter 4.3 of Section ΙΙΙ of the RESTART 2016-2020 Work Programme.