The Deputy Ministry for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy (DMRID) and the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) wish to inform you that following the announcement of the COVID-19 Call for Expression of Interest (EoI), a total of a hundred and thirty-five (135) EoI have been received.

The Call was launched as part of the Deputy Ministry’s COVID-19 Research and Innovation Action Plan to coordinate national efforts in responding to the challenges imposed by the pandemic and aimed at receiving EoI for the development of innovative approaches / solutions / products & services addressing issues affecting the society and the economy.

The aim of the Call was to attract COVID-related proposals with emphasis on medium-to-long-term solutions including proposals addressing specific needs of public authorities.

As stated in the initial announcement, building on the response and ideas received through the Call for EoI, the DMRID, in collaboration with RIF, are in the process of forming a COVID-19 Innovative Solutions Think Tank (CIS Think Tank) to assess the ideas put forward. The Think Tank will collaborate closely with potential interested parties, including the relevant public authorities, to find ways of supporting selected ideas, according to needs and priorities.

The Coordinators of selected EoIs will be contacted, in due time, in order to further discuss ways of implementing their ideas.

The DMRID and RIF will be periodically releasing statements informing the public regarding the progress made in implementing the Call.