New Call for Proposals of the «DISRUPT» Programme (DISRUPT/0123)

The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) announces the new call for proposals for the «DISRUPT» Programme (DISRUPT/0123).

The call budget is €10.000.000, and the maximum funding per project is €1.500.000.

Proposals have to be submitted through the IRIS portal and the deadlines for proposal submissions are the following:

1) 23/3/2023 time 13:00, Call Budget €5 M.

2) 1/6/2023 time 13:00, Call Budget €5 M plus any unused budget from the 1st Deadline, based on the announced results of the 2nd Evaluation Stage of the 1st Deadline.

3) 1/12/2023 time 13:00, with any unused budget from the total €10 M based on the announced results of the 2nd Evaluation Stage of the 2nd Deadline. In case of budget exhaustion in the 2nd Deadline, the RIF will consider the possibility to allocate additional budget for the 3rd Deadline.

The «DISRUPT» Programme aims to connect enterprises which develop cutting-edge innovations with the potential to create new or disrupt existing markets, with Venture Capitals who will support the further development and scale-up of these enterprises in international markets. Through the Programme, the RIF funding – grant will be combined with the VC investment, with the aim to support the successful penetration of beneficiaries in the international markets, and as result to enhance the competitiveness and resilience of the Cypriot economy. The present Call will be financed by the Recovery and Resilience Facility of the NextGenerationEU instrument.

Entities eligible to participate in this Programme are small, medium, or large enterprises, which, at the proposal submission stage, have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and a signed binding agreement with an investment fund (VC Fund), which foresees for an equity capital investment of at least € 1 M in the company, to support its development in international markets.

More information is presented in the following documents:






For information regarding the RIF’s open calls, as well as useful documents and guides, interested parties can visit the IRIS portal.

For further information, interested parties may contact the RIF’s Partner Support Center by phone on 22205000 or via email at [email protected].