One ERC Consolidator Grant 2021 for Cyprus!

The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF), would like to congratulate Dr Themistoklis Charalambous, Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Cyprus, that has received funding under the European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator 2021 Call, through a competitive procedure. Dr Chalarambous will implement the project “Emerging cooperative autonomous systems: Information for control and estimation” (MINERVA).

The MINERVA project fundamentally rethinks how functionally complex intelligent mobile cooperative autonomous systems (CASs) are interconnected and operate cooperatively, in order to accelerate the industrial ecosystem and better exploit the potential of flexible automation. Bridging the gap between the fields of control, estimation, and information/communication theories, MINERVA will follow a bottom-up approach to develop a fundamental, yet realistic, framework to establish the foundations for real-time control, estimation, and localization in environments where autonomous systems and humans interact. MINERVA goes beyond the state-of-the-art and targets the fundamental bottlenecks of demanding systems, using methodologies fundamentally different from the existing ones, aiming towards real-time control applications with communication constraints.
Overall, 2.652 proposals from all scientific fields, were submitted under the ERC CoG 2021 Call for Proposals, while in the frame of the new projects that were selected for funding, more than 1.900 new job positions will be created for PhD students, post-docs and other researchers, in the teams of the 313 Principal Investigators.
The ERC Consolidator Grants fund excellent researcher of any nationality and age, with more than 7 and up to 12 years of experience after their PhD, that can already present promising achievements. The selected projects must be ambitious and high risk/high gain, pursuing frontier research in any scientific field. The funding can reach €2 m. (plus an additional €1 m. in certain occasions) for up to 5 years. The ERC CoG 2021 Call was part of Horizon Europe, the Framework Programme of the EU for Research and Innovation 2021-2027.
The next deadline for the ERC Consolidator Grant 2023 Call is on 2 February 2023. RIF can support interested researchers planning to submit proposals with a Host Institution in Cyprus, via proposal screenings, access to the ERC Mentoring Initiative and other services. For more information, please contact the ERC National Contact Points (Katerina Karakasidou Malla, [email protected], tel. 22205036 and Ioannis Theodorou, [email protected], tel. 22205038).