Cyprus secured more than €250 million from “HORIZON 2020”

Cypriot applicants have secured, up to now, a total of €254 million in funding, through the European Union’s (EU) largest-ever research and innovation programme, “HORIZON 2020”. This ranks Cyprus in the first place among EU member states in relation to the per capita Net Economic Benefit from the Programme.

Activities concerning Cyprus’ participation in the “HORIZON 2020” programme are coordinated by the RIF.

According to the updated data of the EU database for “HORIZON 2020”, since the beginning of the Program in 2014, 4,169 eligible proposals have been submitted with the participation of at least one Cypriot applicant and a total of 5,472 applications from Cyprus. Out of all the proposals that were submitted, 570 were selected for funding, requesting more than €250 million.

The overall success rate in the “HORIZON 2020” programme stands at 12.02%, while the respective success rate for Cyprus is higher, standing at 13.62%.